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Social Value and Evaluation

Adding Value to the Communities You Support

Maximise your Impact

We help your organisation to understand and optimise the value of what you do with the aim of demonstrating impact, improving, scaling and, in some cases, winning new business. We do this as stand-alone projects and embed these research and evaluation skills throughout our projects – measuring change and ensuring we are delivering the impact intended.

We combine technical expertise, with practical application to understand, measure and optimise the social impact and value you create.

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Our Service Offer

There are a range of positive benefits generated by your services, over and above the financial or clinical data evaluation. These benefits might include impacts on wellbeing, feeling of social connection and belonging, or the time in which an intervention was able to get employees back to work. Our Service Offer can help you demonstrate the impact you have.

Social Value Strategy

We help organisations harness their capabilities to create a Social Value strategy that connects their social goals with their wider business goals, capturing and articulating the connection between organisational approach, behaviours, actions, processes and overall social value. 

Evaluation and Impact Assessments

We draw on a range of creative yet robust methodologies to ensure that you can measure the things that matter and communicate them effectively to your stakeholders, building a comprehensive view.

Social Value Measurement

We can support you to navigate monetising your social outcomes and measuring them for business cases, or evaluative projects. Using Cost-Benefit Analysis as a foundation, we can help you to measure the total social value generated by your project in a consistent and robust way.

Social Value Bid Support

As a sub-function of our Bid Support offer, we also help specifically on Social Value responses for bids and our Experts can help you navigate your bid project. We will help you understand and communicate your Social Value offer in a clear and compelling way.

Check out our Knowledge Hub!

For lots of case studies, tips and tricks on how to demonstrate your social impact, maximising your chances of winning a bid, best practice and our thoughts about industry topics, have a look at our Knowledge Hub.

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Our Social Impact team, led by Managing Director Ceri Jones, can help you maximise your impact.

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