Culture Transformation

We have a unique approach to delivering culture transformation. Using the very best insights that the ‘John Lewis’ employee owned sector has to offer, we help build thriving, participative and highly productive workforces. We have delivered programmes for micro businesses and SMEs through to large multi-nationals.

We start by benchmarking where your culture is today. Using a unique set of indicators, we identify current aptitude for an ownership-style culture – one where employees feel like they are meaningful stakeholders in their organisation.

From there we work closely with leadership teams to build change programmes based around getting in place the right behaviours, HR systems and processes, internal communications, governance and structures – and ultimately working with leaders, managers and frontline to make it all work.

The UK is going through a productivity crisis – and the answer is right under our noses. Only by getting the right enlightened management approach in place will we see the kinds of incremental gains right across the economy to increase wealth, improve wages and make our businesses and well as our country more competitive again.

Mia Vigar

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