Commercial Growth

We are growth experts and bring exceptional commercial capability to help our clients grow in a range of critical ways.

We ensure you get your strategic approach right. Our exceptional market analysis means your choices are evidence-based. We help identify opportunities in existing markets, and support diversification into new markets.

We deliver commercial appraisal of growth options, and build detailed business cases complete with rigorous financial models to help identify the right route to success.

Our outstanding start-to-finish bid support package helps clients win new large contracts. Our clients have won over £700m of new contracts in the last three years. We’re part of your team from the off – and lead, manage, review, coach, write, model and present to get the job done. Often we are invited to stick around and deliver the mobilisation of large internal transformation programmes required to implement the contracts we’ve helped win.

We help you identify whether you have genuine capital investment needs, build impeccable investment cases, and help you navigate mainstream and social investors to find the right partners.

Hand in glove with growing revenues, we help our clients drive up their bottom line through detailed cost savings analysis, using tried and tested techniques like Six Sigma and LEAN to bring down operating costs.

We have a unique approach to building a thriving culture based on the principles of employee ownership which drives the commercial behaviours and productivity you need to ensure growth happens.

A highly engaged workforce is often a critical ingredient to driving new ideas, and we help clients takes potential innovations through to funding and implementation.

We have sales and marketing experts in our team, who support clients to align their approach to brand and communications with their growth strategy.

Finally, we play the role of a critical friend as well as expert advisor. Growth can often be found in new partnerships, joint ventures or even mergers and acquisition. We often support clients to identify good fit partners, and carry out the due diligence, legal and transactional work to ensure such arrangements drive growth rather than distract from it.

Mia Vigar

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