Employee Ownership Transitions

Employee Ownership Transitions

Employee ownership in the UK is gaining momentum. Attitudes are aligning with what the sector has always known: that having a stake in the business you work for increases quality, profitability, sustainability and employee engagement, and the gains for the UK economy could be substantial.

Employee ownership is the perfect answer to succession challenges, leads to greater business performance and fosters trusting cultures. Exiting founders come to us to talk through their succession planning because we’re market leaders and know how to help them obtain financial stability post-transition with ensuring employees are rewarded for loyalty and hard work. With thousands of businesses in the UK facing succession challenges, EO should be one of the first options on the table: it makes good business sense.

We have a 15+ year track record in providing specialist support and have helped over 100 teams or organisations to become employee owned or make more of their employee ownership cultures. That’s thousands of business owners that have benefitted from our expertise. We’ve also been the proud sponsors of the Employee Ownership Association’s  EO Awards for the last five years.

We deliver our unique start-to-finish support, drawing on legal and commercial experience working with some of the UK’s best known EO organisations, from the John Lewis Partnership to Childbase. Over the last five years we have done a significant amount of work to support teams in spinning out of the public sector into new mutual social enterprises, from £50m Remploy Employment Services to £600k Islington Borough Council Play Services.

Baxendale’s own success is testament to the wide reaching benefits of employee ownership and we’re ideally placed to not just support transitions, but to help your business become a beacon of employee ownership excellence.

Speak to our Employee Ownership expert, Legal Director Ewan Hall: ewan.hall@baxendale.co.uk or email emily.alston@baxendale.co.uk for an exploratory chat.

Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care

Transformation in Health is needed more today than ever before. The NHS faces huge challenges including surging demand, reduced funding, increasing costs and a demoralised and shrinking workforce.

To deal with this, healthcare organisations are grappling with how to transition across a number of axes, including from competitive to collaborative; from acute focused to system focused; from technology-enabled to digitally transformed; and from being a challenging place to work to a great place to work.

Baxendale works with a broad range of healthcare organisations to develop, grow and transform to build better futures for their organisation and the communities they serve. Our clients include providers of community services, mental health services, primary care and secondary care. We also work directly with CCGs and STPs.

Our projects are varied, responding to the needs of each client, but usually include some of the following elements:

  • Service design – applying national and international best practice to a client’s local context.
  • Service transformation – either to reorganise services to mitigate challenges of demand or to respond to local commissioners’ future intentions for services.
  • Partnership brokerage and merger support – to lay the foundations for meaningful integration.
  • Financial and workforce modelling – to model and cost planned changes at a granular level.
  • Programme management – to drive forward the programme to achieve intended outcomes, often supporting multiple system partners.

In all cases we act as a Critical Friend, providing external review, support and challenge to help clients achieve the best outcomes.

We work with organisations across the UK. In the last 3 years our team have helped:

  • Clients to win and mobilise £2.8 billion of new contracts – including adults community services, children’s community services, mental health services and primary care APMS contracts.
  • Developing service models to deliver services closer to home and promote the integration agenda through new and innovative delivery models including Primary Care Homes and iThrive models.
  • Deliver transformation programmes to effect long-lasting service change in community services, reducing demand on primary and secondary care services.
  • Community providers to use technology to measure and model demand & capacity across community nursing.
  • GPs to reconfigure services towards a sustainable operational model for the future.
  • CCGs/STPs to design and implement transformational out of hospital projects, including self-care and end-of-life services.

Email ceri.Jones@baxendale.co.uk for more information.

Public Services & New Delivery Models

Public Services & New Delivery Models

While Brexit negotiations continue to take centre stage, doing more with less is still the cardinal challenge everywhere we work in the Public Sector – how to be commercial, control costs, and keep your workforce motivated. Digital technology continues to drive transformational change, but at Baxendale we believe that prizing human relationships will power positive change for staff and service users.

Our Public Sector consulting work spans policy design to business case development to implementing change programmes for central government, local authorities and NDPBs. We provide expert advice on the effective utilisation of public sector real estate; and cultural transformation to drive workforce productivity.

Public sector customers can easily access our services using Crown Commercial Service’s Management Consultancy framework (rm3745). As BEAM Consortium, we are pre-approved providers for the HR, Health & Community and Education specialist lots. BEAM is a group of mission-led advisors with public sector values, who deliver sustainable social impact through world-class management consulting methods and deep sector-based expertise.

We boast deep proficiency in creating alternative delivery vehicles and we are key providers for DCMS’s new £1.7m programme to create new mutuals and strengthen existing ones. We have supported Whitehall departments and local councils to exit services into wholly-owned trading companies and fully independent social enterprises. We provided end-to-end support for Remploy Employment Services to become a £55m joint venture with a significant employee stake – the largest spin out from central government into a mutual model.

We currently sit on the Government’s Public Service Mutuals Stakeholder Group, as well as the Crown Commercial Service’s SME Panel, feeding directly into Whitehall policy.

To talk to us about how we can support you, please get in touch with  tom.davis@baxendale.co.uk .

Charities & Social Enterprises

Charities & Social Enterprises

When money is tight everywhere, now more than ever it is critical we support charities, community and voluntary organisations to survive and thrive. Not for profit organisations support our society and our economy to keep functioning. They protect, support and improve the lives of people in all walks of life. Without their efforts and insights we will, as a society, fail to solve the hardest challenges we face.

At Baxendale, we help third sector organisations to grow by winning contracts or grants, diversifying into new delivery markets, or raising investment capital from our strong network of social investors. We have supported the creation of joint ventures and new mergers, and advise and review effective governance and leadership. In every project we include capacity building to ensure clients don’t waste money on unnecessary professional support in the future. We also offer impact reporting and evaluation services, so organisations can be sure they scale up the right things, and focus their attention on what really makes a difference to their work and people’s lives.

If you’re looking for support, please email robin.naudi@baxendale.co.uk and we’ll tell you how we can help.