Knowsley Youth Mutual: Know you matter
KYM is an employee and young person owned and driven Community Benefit Society


Spinning out from local government in 2014, Knowsley Youth Mutual (KYM) provides services to 5000 young people in Merseyside and they are the only mutual in the country where the membership is shared exclusively between young people and staff. KYM came to us in 2014, after identifying a number of complementary opportunities for diversifying income streams to safeguard their long-term sustainability. KYM are ambitious about being fit and ready to compete for new contracts. Being a very recent spin-out, KYM identified they needed to develop commercial expertise and articulate the value of their unique membership structure as a means to differentiate themselves in the market and better demonstrate their social impact.

Solution and outcome

Our immediate task was to build bidding expertise in KYM’s Business Development Team ahead of upcoming opportunities. We split this work in to three manageable phases: first giving KYM the processes to evaluate bids and strategically respond, before developing a competitive service model to demonstrate KYM’s unique offer and track record, then finally providing practical bid support. This has so far contributed to KYM securing a £92k contract in a new service area.

Alongside this, we designed and are currently implementing a training programme to give KYM’s elected representatives the capability and confidence to engage meaningfully in the Community Benefit Society’s governance processes. This is especially important for KYM’s unique mutual structure designed to foster widespread accountability and involvement across KYM employee and young person members

“Over the past year, we have been on a really exciting development journey with Baxendale that has seen us finish our first year with a strong surplus, and our membership coming on leaps and bounds.” – Sandra Richardson, Chief Executive

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