Developing a self-pay podiatry service
A new self-pay podiatry service to complement commissioned services

Faced with squeezed margins on its core contract along with service cuts due to  commissioner assessments of clinical value, this community health provider in the West of England sought to diversify incomes at the same time as delivering outstanding quality services.

Initially, we performed comprehensive market research to confirm that there was an opportunity to develop a self-pay offer within its podiatry service.

Confident of the local market, we worked with our legal partners to develop a preferred structure for the service and created a robust financial model to understand the nuances of the new delivery model. Alongside this activity, we brokered a partnership between the provider and a local VCSE offering podiatry services in the locality. We analysed the financial opportunity and supported them to agree on headline terms for a new delivery model.

We created a marketing and communications strategy to explain the need to diversify incomes with self-pay services to a range of stakeholders, including the CCG, service users, staff, and the press.

Finally, we prepared a business case exploring each option to deliver a self-pay podiatry service from a strategic, commercial and legal perspective. The new service was soft launched in 2019.

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