Anglican Community Enterprise: Ace outcomes
Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE) is an employee owned social enterprise, employing over 1000 people, providing community health and well-being services

Who they are

Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE) is an employee owned social enterprise, employing over 1000 people and providing community health and well-being services in North East Essex. ACE originally came to us for support with the growth of their business. They wanted to expand several existing award-winning services including: smoking cessation, sexual health and weight management. This required a strategic review of their commercial approach to support them to identify and prioritise the most relevant commercial opportunities, develop bid processes, and then provide hands on support to manage and produce bids.

9 new contracts, then a core contract

Over 18 months, our commercial support resulted in ACE winning 9 new contracts worth £22.8m. This success resulted in us being asked to continue working together on a business-critical bid to secure the re-compete of ACE’s core contract – Care Closer to Home. We helped ACE win this contract as well, which was worth an estimated £240m over a 7-year period.


This reconfigured contract required the transformation of ACE’s services to deliver £2million cost savings per year whilst demand on their services increased (due to demographic pressures, including a population that was forecast to grow by 13% over the life of the contract). It also required deeper integration across the healthcare system, and the extraction of services from the acute provider into the community so care could be delivered closer to homes.

Once this contract was secured, we had 9 months to support them to mobilise. This meant redesigning some services ACE previously held as well as transferring some services out of the local Acute provider. It further involved developing a new referral management approach via a Single Point of Access, new systems for processing referrals, the successful transfer under TUPE laws of a significant body of staff between providers, and the negotiation and implementation of a range of sub-contracts.

We led on Programme and Change Management for the Mobilisation Programme – reporting directly to a multi-stakeholder programme Board. We established the programme team and worked on the ground with ACE, supporting them to implement the plan, resolving issues as they arose, and ensuring timely and effective communication with all stakeholders involved. The programme was managed to time, successfully going live as planned. We then provided additional post-go-live support to help ACE to transition the service to business as usual operations.

“Baxendale have been critical to our success. The combination of strategic guidance, with hands-on practical support in bid management and writing has been invaluable in ensuring our future”

Lynne Woodcock, former Chief Executive

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