Anglican Community Enterprise: Ace outcomes
Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE) is an employee owned social enterprise, employing over 1000 people, providing community health and well-being services


ACE originally came to us in August 2013 to support the growth of their business. ACE wanted to expand a number of their already award winning services including: smoking cessation, sexual health and weight management. This required a strategic review of their commercial approach to support them to identify and prioritise the most relevant commercial opportunities, develop bid processes, and provide hands on support to manage and produce bids.

Solution and outcome

We worked alongside the in-house team leading the bid strategies, as well as the production of a full suite of bid documents, ensuring that ACE continues to submit the most competitive and compelling offers possible.  We also provided extensive coaching and support to the in-house team.  Over 18 months to June 2015, our bid support resulted in ACE winning 9 new contracts worth £22.8m. This success resulted in us being asked to continue working together on a business critical bid to secure the re-compete of ACE’s core contract. In July 2015 we helped ACE also win this contract, worth an estimated £240m over 7 years.

Value of contracts won to date.

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