Bid support and mobilisation

To date our team has secured over £2.8 billion worth of contracts for clients. Our experience spans commissioned services in health and social care, as well as the wider public sector – with an 86% success rate.

We can support you at each stage of the tendering process. This may be through an end-to-end bid support package, or by providing specialist input – working into your own teams. See here for more detail about how we can help you.

While each project and tender are unique, our job often starts with helping you navigate a complex commissioning landscape. We’ll help you decide whether a potential contract makes strategic sense. We’ll review the competition and work with you to develop your bid vision and strategy. If partners are required, we’ll help you find them and broker terms. We’ll work with your internal specialist teams to design the service, combining their knowledge with best practice from across the country.

Whether we are drafting or editing tender responses, we’ll make sure they are polished and clear and that you have a robust understanding of the financial elements of your tender. We will coach your whole commissioner-facing team so that they can confidently articulate your offer when in dialogue with commissioners. Throughout it all, we’ll make sure your leadership has good oversight of progress and understands key risks and mitigations through reports and frequent meetings.

When you are successful, we’ll be there to establish a solid framework to mobilise the contract. We focus on getting you to go-live as smoothly as possible, whilst equipping your team with the tools to make the contract a success.

Email Ceri.Jones@baxendale.co.uk for more information.

We will support you every step of the way to achieve your objectives

We have helped our clients win over £1.5bn in contracts with an 86% success rate

We are public sector experts with a particular specialism in health

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