We maximise growth opportunities to help our clients survive and thrive in tough markets as they address some of society’s biggest challenges. Our aim is to create, support and grow sustainable high impact enterprises that make a difference.

We support clients to pursue competitive commercial opportunities, cut costs and innovate for growth. Typical projects include:

  • Building growth strategies from detailed market analysis
  • Creating business cases for new commercial projects
  • End-to-end bid support for new contracts – leading, managing, reviewing, coaching, writing and presenting
  • Cost savings analysis
  • Taking innovation from ideas to implementation
  • Full-scale transformation and mobilization partner
  • Commercial partner around new opportunities and joint ventures

Since 2013 we have played hands on roles in supporting our clients to win over £510m in new contracts across a range of markets, drawing on our commercial expertise and deep experience in community health, adult social care, youth services, early years and social housing.

We are highly respected established providers to a range of central government funds and have a strong track record in winning funding for our clients (in many cases to pay for some of our time), including to:

  • Big Potential Breakthrough
  • Big Potential Advanced
  • Local Sustainability Fund

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We will work intimately and collaboratively with your team, from Board down to frontline managers. Each project is tailored to your needs and is designed to build internal skills and capability.

Underpinning everything we do is our triple bottom line approach which combines the pursuit of profit generation with a commitment to delivering positive social impact.


Ceri Jones
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We have a 15-year track record as an investment organisation supporting social and commercial businesses. We can help you raise capital from mainstream and social investors. Under the right circumstances, we can also invest our own funds.

To date we have led over £55m of investments, providing non-mainstream capital to support projects ranging from start-ups to established businesses.

We will work closely with you to build a case for investment and secure access to the right kind of capital at the right time to support growth and enable innovation. Our specific services include:

  • Creating highly compelling investment cases
  • Building dynamic financial models
  • Developing coherent investment strategies
  • Accessing our networks of mainstream and social investors
  • Raising different forms of capital (debt, equity, quasi-equity)
  • Providing appropriate legal and tax advice
  • Capturing tailored social impact metrics to support investment cases

Our network of investors is strong because we are able to bring them a steady pipeline of well-qualified, investment-ready opportunities.

We have a particular specialism in raising capital for mutual and employee owned businesses, and are market leaders in supporting employee-led buyouts.

We are also highly respected established providers to a number of central government and lottery funds which enable charities, community organisations and social enterprises to access capital, including:

  • Big Potential Breakthrough
  • Big Potential Advanced
  • Local Sustainability Fund

Where we choose to back a project ourselves, we are looking for opportunities where we can partner with an established leader or innovator looking to solve a significant societal challenge, and can include an element of ‘sweat’ (i.e. our own time) in the project.


Will Prochaska
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We have a 15-year track record in providing specialist support to transition into employee owned business models. We have helped over 80 teams or organisations to become employee owned (EO).

We deliver our unique start-to-finish support offer through a specialist team that has unmatched levels of expertise, drawing on legal and commercial experience working with some of the UK’s best known EO organisations, from the John Lewis Partnership to Childbase.

Over the last five years we have done a significant amount of work to support teams spinning out of the public sector into new mutual social enterprises, from £50m Remploy Employment Services to £600k Islington Borough Council Play Services.

Our specialism is tailored to both private sector businesses and public sector teams.

Our services include:

  • Support to understand strategic options and identify the best approach
  • Design and implementation of EO structures, including new company vehicles and employee trusts
  • Unique expertise in mutual joint venture procurements
  • Creation of high-level or outline business cases
  • Creation of full and detailed business cases, including dynamic financial models
  • Market analysis and growth strategies to ensure commercial success
  • Legal and tax advice around transition and set up
  • Support to put in place EO and mutual governance including elected councils

We bring our other service offers into our transition projects, ensuring that teams entering the employee owned model are supported to grow, to find investment if they need it, have thriving and highly productive workforces and can measure the impact of their new model.

We work with our partners and clients in an intimate, collaborative and ultimately enabling way to support the growth of strong, successful mutual and employee owned organisations.

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Ewan Hall (private sector transitions)
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Campbell McDonald (public sector transitions)
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We help create thriving, highly productive workplaces based on a unique approach which pulls together employee engagement best practice from organisations where it has a transformative impact on performance – employee-owned businesses and mutuals.

Our aim is to ensure that every employee is made to feel like an owner of their organisation – which in turn helps them to act like owners, going the extra mile and taking on individual responsibility for success.

We have worked with teams and organisations of all sizes, ranging from single figures to thousands of full-time employees, to create John Lewis-style ownership cultures.

Our tried and tested ‘spirit of ownership’ methodology includes the following support:

  • Using employees’ own insights to create a tailor-made culture change strategy
  • Designing representative employee structures (eg employee councils)
  • Putting in place creative behaviour change support programmes (including face-to-face learning)
  • Reviewing and improving business-as-usual HR practices (recruitment, induction, performance management)
  • Reviewing and improving how well information moves up and down your organisation, including driving a culture of innovation
  • Benchmarking to test how close employees are today to an ownership mentality
  • Creating measurement metrics to demonstrate the impact of change

Our projects not only deliver higher levels of employee satisfaction and participation, but drive harder bottom line business outcomes including higher productivity and reductions in measures like absenteeism and turnover in quality employees.

We will work intimately and collaboratively with your team, from Board down to frontline managers. We will create new tools specifically for you and action learning is at the centre of every one of our projects.


Olivia Schelts
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We enable our clients to capture, measure and promote their social impact in every area of their output – from core organisational outcomes, to proactive community support, to how they look after their employees, to their wider local economic impact.

Most of our clients are social organisations, particularly those who are keen to promote their quality to potential investors or to public sector commissioners. However, we can work with businesses operating in any marketplace to identify and showcase how they make a positive difference.

Our social impact offer includes:

  • Creating an impact measurement framework based on a unique ‘theory of change’ for your organisation
  • Supporting you to gather relevant data and translate that into impact outcomes
  • Deliver first-rate corporate reporting around your social impact
  • Designing ‘impact for investment’ reports to support access to capital

We will work intimately and collaboratively with your team, from Board down to frontline managers. We will create new tools specifically for you and action learning is at the centre of every one of our projects.


Robin Naudi
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